As the current President of the European Business History Association, I am pleased to welcome you to this web site and to the EBHA.

The EBHA held its first congress in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1996. At that time, ours was a small organisation, but membership and interest grew quickly, and, starting in 1999, congresses take place annually. Three of the European congresses were also co-organised with our sister associations based primarily in other regions the BHC and the BHS-J. The next EBHA congress will take place in Bergen in August 2016 and is jointly the first World Congress for Business History (WCBH). The Call for Papers will be soon available on the web site, and I warmly invite you to take part in what promises to be a full and lively programme, with plenty of occasions for scholarly interchange as well as socialising and networking.

EBHA has started to become more professional by introducing guidelines for a higher transparency for various processes within the association. Also guidelines for future congresses had been approved to develop standards. These measures will be followed by an improvement of our use of modern communication means and the introduction of digital platforms.
Business history is a thriving discipline, and business historians are keen to work and communicate with others in other social science disciplines, general historians and the broader public as we seek investigate and better understand firms, the people who run them, those who work for them and the ways in which they affect and are affected by society, politics, and broader economy. The EBHA is one of the key international organisations working to facilitate that process.

We look forward to seeing you at our next annual congress in Bergen in August 2016.

Andrea H. Schneider, GUG, Frankfurt

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