Welcome from the President

Welcome to the European Business History Association!
The EBHA is a thriving association of scholars, postgraduate students and practitioners interested in the history of business institutions and entrepreneurs. Drawing on an historical perspective, it looks at their evolution and contribution to economic growth, and impact on society as a whole. The EBHA was founded in 1994 and since its beginnings it has attracted an increasing number of scholars from beyond Europe, from all continents of the world. The EBHA values academic excellence and collegiality. The Association welcomes members from a broad range of disciplines from the social sciences and humanities, ranging from history, business and management and economics, among other, as well as from different levels of seniority. PhD students and early career scholars are warmly welcomed and are encouraged to join the Association which provides an excellent venue for everyone to present and discuss their research and ideas, be exposed to new knowledge and breakout from ‘comfort zones’ and develop key international networks of collaboration.

The main activities of the EBHA are the Annual Congress and the PhD Summer School. The Annual Congress takes place every year in a different country and tends to be on a topic of relevance at the time and challenges its members to show how their historical research can help explain current phenomena.

The Summer Conference takes place every two years and provides an excellent venue for students to present, discuss their work and network with peers from different countries and also with well-established scholars in business history.

Over the past two decades the EBHA has reached out to organize joint congresses with business history associations from the USA and Japan. The EBHA has also endorsed a series of initiatives such as the “World Congress in Business History”, “The Alliance of Centres in Business History in Europe” and a series of the regional workshops such as the recent ones organized on Central and Eastern Europe.

Teresa da Silva Lopes
President of the European Business History Association (EBHA)