Welcome from the President

Welcome to the European Business History Association!
EBHA is a thriving Association of scholars, students and practitioners interested in the history of business organizations and entrepreneurs, in their evolution, in their contribution to economic growth and impact over the society as a whole. As historians, we are eager to connect with people working in the broader realm of all social sciences and humanities irrespective of specific historical periodization.

EBHA is an European organization, but since its beginnings it has involved scholars from all over the World, interested in a wide variety of research topics. Over the past two decades, EBHA has reached out to organize joint-congresses with sister associations in the USA and Japan and has sponsored the World Congress for Business History.

In addition to its annual congress, the association organizes every other year a the doctoral summer school which provides a fantastic development platform for young scholars willing to test their ideas and improve their professional skills in contact with international academics.

EBHA values academic excellence and congeniality, its membership is diverse and international. Young scholars are warmly welcome, and we encourage them to develop a strong international professional and personal network.

As president of the association, I would also like to invite current members who would like to develop new projects to be in touch with the council and run for elections. The council is the key body of our association, and it is important that every member actively engages in the Association’s life.

EBHA is an exciting place for building research projects and connections. Come and join us if you want to be part of that scholarly venture!

Andrea Colli, Bocconi University, Italy