Interest to Host EBHA Congress

Interest to Host EBHA Congress

The EBHA invites expressions of interest from European universities interested in hosting the Annual Congress of the European Business History Association in 2024 or beyond. Please be aware that there is a two-step EBHA bidding procedure in place (see details below) – and that no formal or full proposals can be considered or accepted with a specific year in mind in advance, in particular due to the current uncertainties associated with COVID restrictions. However, the EBHA is willing to table any preliminary bids and expressions of interest at their Council Meeting at the end of May 2022 – and to provide initial feedback on the potential locations and proposed venues for future proposals.

Submission deadline for expressing interest to host future EBHA conferences (2024+): 20 May, 2022.

The EBHA Annual Congress is, along with the EBHA Summer School, the main activity of EBHA. The EBHA Congress is a forum for business and economic historians, social and cultural historians, historians of technology and scholars of other disciplines whose research explores different aspects of “business history” defined very broadly including the history of business, its products and practices, the relationship of business and society, or history of capitalism in all parts of the globe. The congress encourages debates on the research field, approaches to research, and academic practices based on theoretical, methodological, and thematic pluralism. The major aim of the congress is to bring scholars together in a lively debate and to encourage discussion and controversies leading up to new interpretations of “business history” as well as new practices and approaches to research.
The organizational and financial responsibility of the Congress lies with the local organizers. The local organizing committee, therefore, is entirely responsible for all costs of the congress, including such items as fees for rooms, coffee and lunches, the gala congress dinner, and the council dinner which takes place the night before the congress starts, but not for travel and accommodation of participants. The funding for prizes needs to be agreed upon with the EBHA treasurer. The annual best paper prize is paid for by the EBHA, while the dissertation prize (awarded every two years) has normally been funded by a third party. EBHA expects that the local organizer should maintain close contact with the president of the EBHA, who will in turn keep in contact with the officers and/or other council members as appropriate.

The local organizer can expect from the EBHA Council help and advice, and the support of the President in rising funds (e.g. in form of a letter). The EBHA will also support the Annual Congress by hosting the congress webpage and providing the local organizers with the online submission platform for abstracts, papers and organising the program.

Timing: usually at the end of August or beginning of September, preferably on a Friday and Saturday. There is usually a council meeting scheduled on the day before the scholarly programme of the congress begins, i.e. usually on Thursday. There is also generally some sort of reception or plenary speaker event/reception held on the evening before the congress.

Two-Step Bidding Process for Proposals to Host a Future EBHA Annual Congress

Step 1 - The basic requirements to include in the bidding process are:

• The suggested congress theme
• Preferred year and dates.
• venue (university/school – even if events are held off campus)
• location (attractiveness)*
• accessibility (international flights and routes, trains, etc.)
• The estimated budget (expenses, number of members, proposed conference fees)
• Plans for funding
• The proposed local organizing committee; and evidence of the necessary organization skills
• The proposed local members for the program committee (comprised by up to 5 people, 2 selected by the local organizers and 2/3 members of the Council appointed for this purpose according to the EBHA Book of Procedures).

Detailed instructions for organizing a EBHA conference:
EBHA Congress rules

Step 2 of the bidding process:

If the proposal is approved by the EBHA Council to progress to step 2 a revised proposal based on the Council comments will be requested as well as a proposed call for papers, among other information to be detailed at the time.

A listing of previous EBHA Conferences can be found here

If you and your university would like to express an interest or have any questions please contact the EBHA President, Prof. Teresa da Silva Lopes, by sending an e-mail to the address or, alternatively, contact the EBHA Secretary