EBHA Lifetime Award

The EBHA Lifetime Award aims to recognize world-class research for its originality and significance. The award is aimed at scholars that have an outstanding track-record in business history in the following three ways: they have successfully enlarged knowledge and the scope of business history into areas of scholarly and linked to current problems; they have made outstanding contributions in the development and enlargement of the discipline and the research community in Europe and around the world; and their research is well-recognised and has been successful in influencing other disciplinary areas.

This is an award given at the discretion of the EBHA Council, approved by majority and is only attributed in years when the Council considers pertinent. Objectivity, independence, and standards of excellence inform the selection process, as well as a shared conviction that the selected scholars have played a fundamental and unequivocal role in the advancement of the discipline of business history. The award is nominal and is given to the winner at the EBHA Annual Congress.


2023 - The EBHA Lifetime Award was presented to Professor Emeritus Patrick Fridenson (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) at the 26th Annual Congress of the EBHA in Oslo, August 2023.

2022 - The Inaugural EBHA Lifetime Award winner is Professor Geoffrey Jones (Harvard Business School). The award was presented at the 25th Annual Congress of the EBHA in Madrid, June 2022.