Business under pressure: Historical lessons for the 2020s

Business actors have entered the 2020s pressed by a pandemic, its subsequent social and economic crisis, and an increasingly disintegrated global market where both the effects and the solutions for the COVID problem are unequally distributed, leading to rising geopolitical tensions across the world. There is also an increasing global concern to prompt governments, institutions, organizations, and individuals to pursue a more integrative and sustainable economic growth model, as the UN's 2030 Agenda and its seventeen Sustainable Development Goals illustrate. According to this new agenda and context, firms have transformed their objectives, practices, and strategy while dealing with global disruption and economic and political shifts.

The organizers of the European Business History Association's 2022 congress cordially invite you to reflect on the challenges that business actors cope with today, and they will in the near future, by looking at how firms and other organizations have historically responded to “pressure”; being pressure understood, on a broad sense, as any external or internal force exerted on the organization to transform its mission and values, structure, goals and strategy, and managerial practices and adapt to a changing environment.

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