Basic Information, Registration and Payment

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Registration and Payment

Uploading Your Paper

At this stage, you should have already received the link to upload your paper. If you have not, please check your spam folder first and contact us (hu2022;:canif,idaib
) in case you cannot find it.


In sessions with more than three papers, the role of chair and commentator fall together with the aim of having enough time for discussion (unless the organizers of the session had already proposed a chair and a commentator in their proposal). Ideally, speakers would present their work in 15 minutes to encourage discussion and comments from the audience. It is expected from chairs to manage efficiently time, take care that the audience gets its full time for discussion, and lead the discussion if necessary. The same applies for chairs of round tables.

Uploading papers and long abstracts facilitates a fruitful discussion within the congress. However, those who prefer not submitting their work, please be sure that chairs/commentators received it enough in advance.