Contact and Madrid EBHA Team

If you have any difficulties or an inquiry for proposal submission, please contact us via hu2022;:canif,idaib

Local organizing Comittee

- Adoración Álvaro, Chair (CUNEF Universidad)

- Rafael Castro (UAM)

- María Fernández Moya (CUNEF Universidad)

- Águeda Gil López (UCM)

- Núria Puig (UCM)

- Sylvia Rohlfer (CUNEF Universidad)

- Elena San Román (UCM)

EBHA Committee

- Adoración Álvaro (CUNEF Universidad)

- Andrea Colli (Bocconi University)

- María Fernández Moya (CUNEF Universidad)

- Andrea Schneider (GUG)

- Teresa da Silva Lopes (University of York)