12th International Conference on the History of Chemistry (ICHC12), Maastricht, The Netherlands 29th July – 2nd August, 2019

Every two years the Working Party (WP) on History of Chemistry (EuChemS) organizes an international conference on the history of chemistry, open to colleagues from all over the world. The 12th International Conference on the History of Chemistry (12th ICHC) will take place from 29th July to 2nd August, 2019 in Maastricht, one of the oldest cities of The Netherlands, which still has preserved much of its historical charm. The dates of the conference are chosen in such a way that those who are visiting the Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society (HSS) in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 23-27 July 2019, can easily combine this with participation in ICHC12.

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Call for papers: Wars and profits (late 18th C. – 20th C.) International workshop, Paris, 28th- 29th of November, 2019

Wars offer opportunities of extraordinary profits to companies of the belligerent countries and the neutral ones as well, both in the fields of armaments and other private sectors. Wars also raise issues concerning the measure and the legitimacy of profit, hence the « excess profit taxes » set up by States. The goal of our interdisciplinary and comparative project is to try to quantify the war profits – without reducing them to war benefits– and to address the tools, concepts and values that the various stakeholders build and use for measuring profits, to (de)legitimize them, and to secure « normal profit ».

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Call for papers: »Global Value Chains in Modern Economic History« 2nd Bayreuth Economic History Seminar, Bayreuth, Germany 12-14 June 2019

Global economic relations have changed fundamentally in the past decades. Yet, academic and public catchwords like “globalisation” can barely capture these changes that culminated in the disappearance of the colonial and imperial eras’ divide between resource exporting and finished goods exporting economies. This coincided with the rise of multinational corporations and increasing dominance of “intra industry”-trade. Thus, while growing trade integrated nations into the global economy, the production of commodities increasingly disintegrated in that, as detailed in the seminal article by Robert Feenstra, ever more corporation spread individual production steps across several national economies.

The conference aims to engage in critical debates of GVC- approaches, based on empirical evidence from economic and business history and also from related disciplines. We wish to facilitate an exchange of economic and business historians with specialists in trade, international economics, political economy as well as with sociologists and anthropologists working with explicit foci on economy and history. We very much welcome submissions from senior scholars in the respective fields and also explicitly encourage junior scholars to submit paper proposals. A workshop aimed at developing pre-circulated papers will form part of the conference. This call is open to scholars from all continents and from different disciplines. Traveling expenses and accommodation can be covered up to a maximum of 1500 Euro per person.

Closing Date: 8th March 2019
Date of the Conference: 12-14 June 2019
Organizer: Bayreuth University

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