Summer School

Summer School in Ancona (2017)
The EBHA Doctoral Summer School has been held every other year since 1999, leading up to its 11th edition which will be held in July 8-11, 2020.


The School focuses on theoretical, methodological and practical issues which are of relevance for advanced research in business history. The main aim of the School is to provide students with a full understanding of the newest trends in research in the field, and to create a friendly atmosphere in which participants can discuss their preliminary findings with leading scholars as well as with their peers. In this respect, the program features both student presentations of their research projects, lectures and seminars given by faculty, and two round-tables - on publishing and on the job market.

The next call for applications is open and the deadline for applications is February 29th, 2020. The maximum number of students admitted is 10.

Call for applications

For further information please contact the academic organizer, Prof. Paloma Fernandez

Past EBHA Summer Schools

Ancona (2017)

2017 Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona (Italy)
2015 Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona (Italy)
2013 Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona (Italy)
2011 San Gemini, Terni (Italy)
2009 San Gemini, Terni (Italy)
2007 Villalago di Piediluco, Terni (Italy)
2005 Villalago di Piediluco, Terni (Italy)
2003 Villalago di Piediluco, Terni (Italy)
2001 Villalago di Piediluco, Terni (Italy)
1999 Villalago di Piediluco, Terni (Italy)