Interest to host Franco Amatori EBHA Doctoral Summer School


Submission deadline: 15 October 2022

The EBHA invites expressions of interest from European universities interested in hosting the Franco Amatori EBHA Doctoral Summer School in 2024 or beyond. Please be aware that there is a two-step EBHA bidding procedure in place (see details below).

The EBHA Doctoral Summer School is, after the Annual Congress, the second principal activity of the EBHA and it is expected for local organizers to be members and have a track record in the discipline of business history. The school is organized every other year and its main goal is to provide students with an overview of the features of business history and the potentialities that the discipline might hold for their own doctoral research projects. It provides students with a friendly atmosphere in which to discuss their own preliminary findings and “hot topics” such as publishing and the job market. The school also introduces doctoral candidates to the European Business History Association and to leading researchers in the Association, and it facilitates the establishment of networks among PhD candidates.

Formal and informal feedback gathered over time allowed the EBHA Council to confirm the great effectiveness and success of the EBHA Doctoral Summer School. The Council is thus inviting bids for hosting the next EBHA Doctoral Summer School, which is to be held in 2024 or later. The EBHA will support the Summer School by providing its successful brand, taking over the travel expenses of the teaching scholars, paying for one dinner, and cooperating in the organization of the event through the participation of at least one representative of the EBHA Council in the programme committee. Local organizers are required to cover the costs of accommodation and food for students and faculty members and, together with EBHA, manage the organization of the event.

The EBHA Doctoral Summer School is traditionally organized for 4—5 days and 20 students. Other formats will be also considered provided they allow for a minimum number of at least ten students. The EBHA Council wishes to guarantee the continuity of the school while preserving its identity, goals and philosophy. Bids with a longer perspective such as hosting the Summer School two or three times are welcomed.

The Call for Expressions of Interest to Host the Franco Amatori EBHA Doctoral Summer School in 2024 or beyond can be dowloaded


Step 1 - The basic requirements to include in the bidding process are:

• A presentation of the institution(s) that wants to host the Summer School and the team responsible for the programme and the organization (not more than two people, the project leader must be a regular member of the EBHA), indicating the necessary and relevant organizational experiences and skills.
• A general frame and topic for the Summer School.
• A viable financial budget that includes accommodation (hotel and meals) for a minimum number of ten students and three teaching scholars. The budget should also clarify sources of funding.
• An indication of the venue used for the Summer School and information about its accessibility and facilities.
• An indication of possible dates for the venue.

Further information about the Franco Amatori EBHA Doctoral Summer School can be found here
. See, also, the
Franco Amatori EBHA Doctoral Summer School Rules

Step 2 of the bidding process:

If the proposal is approved by the EBHA Council to progress to step 2 a revised proposal based on the Council comments will be requested as well as a proposed call for papers, among other information to be detailed at the time. The EBHA President will then institute a programme and organization committee for the Summer School, including the school director, which consist of two local members and at least one member from the EBHA Council. A local member will be nominated as coordinator of the committee. The committee will oversee the planning of the event, inviting teaching faculty, organizing the School and the topics of the classes, and arranging for scholars and organizing other activities.

A listing of previous EBHA Summer Schools can be found here

If you and your university would like to express an interest or have any questions please contact the EBHA President, Prof. Teresa da Silva Lopes, by sending an e-mail to the address or, alternatively, contact the EBHA Secretary