Joint ABH-GUG Congress Berlin 2016
26 May 2016, 10:00 - 17:30
Session WS, Room 5028: Slaven Workshop
26 May 2016, 17:00 - 19:30
Session CM, Room 3010 A: Council Meeting
27 May 2016, 09:00 - 10:30
Session A1, Room 5009: Commodity, Trading and Trading Companies
Chair: Keetie Sluyterman (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
Emily Buchnea (Newcastle Business School,UK)
MNEs in transition: the shifting focus of Anglo-American trading firms, 1815-1840
Marten Boon (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
Deuss’ demise: an oil trader’s struggle to keep up with the market, 1970s-1990s
Gwendolyn Claire Lin (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
Diversification strategies of Noble Group and the transformation of the commodity trading industry, 1990-2010
Session A2, Room 5008: Professionalization and Management-Education
Chair: Charles Harvey (Newcastle University Business School, UK)
Rolv Petter Amdam (BI Norwegian Business School, Norway)
Entrepreneurs in business education: The international diffusion of Executive education 1945-1980
Matthias Kipping (Schulich School of Business, Canada)
The Consultant as Creator: The Case of Stafford Beer
Mitch Larson (University of Central Lancashire, UK)
Management Education and Professionalization in the UK
Session A3, Room 4031: Big Business
Chair: Harm Schröter (University of Bergen, Norway)
Swapnesh Masrani (University of Stirling, UK), Alan McKinlay (Newcastle Business School, UK)
Managing Tata Steel: 1909-1932
Tsuneo Sakamoto (Meiji University Tokyo, Japan)
How Big Business Can Recover-Comparative Study from the Viewpoint of Industrial Structure and Markets-
Pedro Neves (Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Portugal), Álvaro Silva (Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Big Business in Portugal: family, groups, and the State
Session A4, Room 4026: Branding and Design
Chair: Mads Mordhorst (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
Nur Suhaili Binti Ramli (University of York Management School, UK)
A Comparative Study on World's Successful Global Brands In the Cosmetics Industry
Jan Logemann (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Engineering Creativity: Market Research and Product Design in Mid-Century USA
Matthew Hollow (University of York Management School, UK)
A Source of Stability in a World of Change: Barclays Bank and the Spread Eagle Staff Magazine, c. 1926–1981
27 May 2016, 11:00 - 12:30
Session B1, Room 5008: Research Directions in Management Organizational History
Chair: Matthias Kipping (Schulich School of Business, Canada)
Christina Lubinski (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark), Dan Wadhwani (University of the Pacific, USA)
Toward the “New Entrepreneurial History”
Stephanie Decker (Aston Business School, UK)
Paradigm lost: future directions in management & organizational history
Peter Miskell (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK)
Beyond a boundary: management and organizational history from outside the academy
Session B2, Room 5009: Corporate Governance
Chair: Franco Amatori (Bocconi University, Italy)
Emily Buchnea (Newcastle Business School,UK), Anna Tilba (Newcastle Business School, UK)
Revisiting the bank-industry divide: the presence and influence of banks in the British corporate network, 1904-1976.
Neil Rollings (University of Glasgow, UK)
The boards of UK nationalised industries and their members c.1950-1981
Keetie Sluyterman (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Gerarda Westerhuis (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
The changing role of CEOs in Dutch listed companies, 1957-2008
Session B3, Room 4031: Advertising and Creativity
Chair: Peter Scott (University College London, UK)
Anne Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany)
Making Up Creatives
Michael French (University of Glasgow, UK)
Picturing consumers: advertising cameras in Britain and the United States. 1930-1970
Daniel Hunold (University of Greifswald, Germany)
Historical entrepreneurship and historical innovation in advertising
27 May 2016, 13:15 - 14:00
Session ABH AGM, Room 5009: ABH AGM
27 May 2016, 14:00 - 15:30
Session C1, Room 5009: Coleman Prize
Coleman Prize
Michael Aldous (Queen's Management School, UK)
Avoiding ‘negligence and profusion’: The ownership and organization of Anglo-Indian trading firms, 1813 to 1870
Christopher Phillips (University of Leeds, UK)
Managing Armageddon: the science of transportation and the British Expeditionary Force, 1900-1918
Brian O’Sullivan (University of London, UK)
The Transformation of Merchant Banking, 1914 to 1939
27 May 2016, 16:00 - 17:30
Session D1, Room 4031: Business History Associations in UK, Germany and Canada
Chair: Joost Dankers (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
Chris Kobrak (Rotman School of Management, Canada)
Establishment of Canadian Business History Association (CBHA-ACHA)
Neil Rollings (University of Glasgow, UK)
Establishment of the Association of Business History (ABH)
Andrea Schneider (Gesellschaft für Unternegmensgeschichte, Germany)
Establishment of the Society for Business History, Germany (GUG)
Session D2, Room 5009: Methodolody and Entrepreneurship
Chair: Hartmut Berghoff (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Charles Harvey (Newcastle University Business School, UK), Mairi Maclean (Newcastle University Business School, UK)
Organization Theory in Business and Management History: Present Status and Future Prospects
Matthias Kipping (Schulich School of Business, Canada), Takafumi Kurosawa (Kyoto University, Japan), Dan Wadhwani (University of the Pacific, USA)
Beyond Chandler: A Revisionist Historiography of Business History
Amatori Franco (Bocconi University, Italy)
Searching for the Entrepreneur: characters, episodes, new roadmaps for research
Session D3, Room 4026: Ownership, Employment and Business
Chair: Andreas Fahrmeir (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)
Janette Rutterford (Open University Business School, UK), Dimitris Sotiropoulos (Open University Business School, UK)
Diversification in the first globalisation era: studying investor behaviour in England and Wales 1870-1902
Selin Dilli (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Gerarda Westerhuis (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Evolution of (Labour Market) Institutions and Entrepreneurship over time
Peter W. Hampson (University of Central Lancashire, UK)
Oldham Limiteds - Revisited. The first worker participation?
Session D4, Room 5008: Innovation and Tradition
Chair: Peter Miskell (Henley Business School, UK)
Catherine Casson (Manchester Business School at University of Manchester, UK), Mark Dodgson (University of Queensland, Australia / Imperial College London, UK)
To add beauty to utility: Strategies for integrating fine arts and manufacturing in England c.1750-1850
Bernardita Escobar Andrae (CIEPLAN / University of Talca, Spain)
Female Inventors during Chile’s first centennial examples of anomalies or entrepreneurship?
Takeshi Ohtowa (Hiroshima City University, Japan), Tsutomu Kita (Hiroshima City University, Japan), Tomomi Shiosaki (Kyushu University, Japan)
Innovation and Tradition in a Japanese Brush Maker
27 May 2016, 18:00 - 19:00
Session KN: Bertelsmann SE: Keynote Speech
Chair: Teresa da Silva Lopes / Andrea H. Schneider
John Lithgow, Mary Yeager (University of California Los Angeles, USA)
Money in Thy Purse: The Drama of Business
28 May 2016, 09:00 - 11:00
Session E1, Room 2093: New approaches in Business Archives in Europe
Chair: Terry Gourvish (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)
Nadia Matringe (LSE (London) / IHMC (Paris))
Financial Innovation in the Early Modern Age. Reconsiderations through Business Firm Archives
Helen Müller (Bertelsmann AG, Germany), Pierluigi Ledda (Archivio Storico Ricordi, Italy)
Ricordi-Archive, Milan
Anders Houltz (Centre for Business History in Stockholm, Sweden)
Saving the Game: New approaches to documenting the global computer game industry
Judith Faraday (John Lewis Partnership Archive)
Seek out the old, bring forth the new
Session E2, Room 3071: Law and Regulation 1
Sebastian Teupe (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
Break the Rules, Change the Law? Entrepreneurship and Its Relation to Legal Conventions and Regulations in German and American Retailing, 1950-1990
Andrew Smith (University of Liverpool, UK)
Government policy and the evolving networks of innovation in Japan’s photovoltaic industry, 1961-2014
Fabio Lavista (University of Insubria, UK)
Institutions, technology and development. The Italian case from the 1950s to the 1990s
Session E3, Room 2249a: Publishing and Intellectual Property Rights
Chair: Klaus Weber (European University Viadrina, Germany)
Simon Mowatt (Auckland University of Technology, Newseeland), Howard Cox (Worcester University, UK)
Creating the future: mobile and telework in the magazine sector
Robert Bernsee (Göttingen University, Germany)
More Copyright, More Creativity? Empirical Lessons from the Book Market in West Germany, 1951-1990
Marrisa Joseph (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK)
Commercialising on Copyrights: The Emergence of the Victorian Literary Agent
Nuria Puig (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain), Maria Fernandez-Moya (University College for Financial Studies, Spain)
Is growth good for knowledge? The book publishing industry during the golden age
Session E4, Room 2070A: Risk and Globalisation
Chair: Ralf Banken (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)
Neveen Abdelrehim (University of York Management School, UK), Philip Linsley (University of York Management School, UK), Shraddha Verma (The Open University, UK)
A historical study of risk assessment and management by the British Government: the case of the Burmah Oil Company 1974/1975 oil tanker fleet financial crisis
Chenxiao Xia (Kyoto University, Japan)
When Kyoto Meets Berlin: Electrification in Transnational and Comparative Perspective, 1880s-1930s
Julian Faust (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Internationalization Patterns of German Business in Independent India, 1950-1975: Dealing with Risks and exploiting Market Opportunities
Valeria Zanier (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)
A very early start. How trading with Mao made it easier to predict China’s economic boom.
28 May 2016, 11:30 - 13:00
Session F1, Room 2070A: Law and Regulations 2
Chair: Neil Rollings (University of Glasgow, UK)
Gary Wilson (Nottingham Trent University, UK), Sarah Wilson (University of York Law School, UK)
‘Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy’: legitimacy in enterprise and managing the limits of competitiveness and propriety, past and present- and future’
Sergio Castellanos-Gamboa (Bangor University, UK)
Economic effects of the Consumer Credit Act 1974
Susana Martínez-Rodríguez (University of Murcia, Spain), Timothy W. Guinnane (Yale University, USA)
Making up the rules for a new enterprise form: the Spanish SRL, 1919-1936
Session F2, Room 2249a: Crises, Scandals and Fraud
Chair: Per Hansen (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
Zoi Pittaki (University of Glasgow, UK)
‘It’s just like walking a tightrope!’ – Business and the System of Taxation in Greece, 1955-1989
Korinna Schönhärl (University Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Entrepreneurial Creativity in Times of Crisis: The Reform of the Greek Raisin Trade in 1905
Hugo van Driel (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands)
A Review of publications on financial scandals and fraud in business history
Session F3, Room 3059: Creative Governance
Chair: Takafumi Kurosawa (Kyoto University, Japan)
Steve Toms (Leeds University Business School, UK), Shima Amini (Leeds University Business School, UK), Lei Lei (Leeds University Business School, UK)
Aristocrats and value creation in late Victorian Britain: New share issues in the cycle, vehicle and pneumatic tyre industries
Lucy Newton (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK), Vicky Barnes (University of Reading, UK)
Creative governance: the behaviour of joint-stock bankers in nineteenth century England
Laurence Mussio (McMasters University Ontario, Canada)
Legislator, Lord, Banker: The Search for Creative Governance in early Canadian Banking, 1825-1860
Session F4, Room 2070A: Family Business, Entrepreneurship and Mittelstand
Chair: Uwe Spiekermann (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Francisco Javier Fernández-Roca (University Pablo de Olavide of Sevilla, Spain), Jesus Damian Lopez-Manjon (University Pablo de Olavide of Sevilla, Spain)
A business in search of one entrepreneur family and one family firm: 175 years of olive-oil tradition
David Paulson (University of Cambridge, UK)
Business Cultures and the Pursuit of Industrial Competitiveness in British SMEs and the German Mittelstand, c. 1949-1979
Jeffrey Fear (University of Glasgow, UK)
Old Label, New Wine: Or should "Mittelstand" become an English word?
Session F5, Room 2093: Space, Armaments and Technological Entrepreneurship
Chair: Ray Stokes (University of Glasgow, UK)
Victor Dos Santos Paulino (Toulouse Business School, France)
A demand-based view of industry evolution: the case of the space industry (1957-2011)
Bram Bouwens (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Trade in arms: creativity, entrepreneurship, networks and reputation: the case of Daniël Wolf (1898-1943)
Jesko Dahlmann (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Werner von Siemens: a Schumpeterian Entrepreneur
28 May 2016, 14:00 - 15:30
Session G1, Room 3059: Entrepreneurship and Global Competitivenss
Chair: Alexander Nützenadel (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)
Pierre-Yves Donzé (Osaka University, Japan), Ben Wubs (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)
LVMH: organizing creativity and entrepreneurship in Luxury and Fashion
Teresa da Silva Lopes (University of York Management School, UK), Shin Tomita (University of Tezukayama, Japan)
Matches as Merchants of Culture: The Dynamics of the Japanese Match Industry, 1870-1930
Session G2, Room 3059: New Research Methods in Business History
Chair: Dan Wadhwani (University of the Pacific, USA)
Alix Green (University of Central Lancashire, UK)
Using history in business: towards a new approach to co-production in public history with the John Lewis Partnership
Hannah Dean (Leeds University Business School, UK)
The entrepreneurial process: An oral history study of UK female entrepreneurs
Ralf Banken (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany), Ray Stokes (University of Glasgow, UK)
On industrial history as business and global history: Methodological reflections using the case of the international industrial gases industry, 1886-2006
Session G3, Room 3071: The History of Capitalism in Canada
Chair: Chris Kobrak (Rotman School of Management, Canada)
Andrew Smith (University of Liverpool, UK), Kirsten Greer (Nipissing University, Canada), Jennifer Johns (University of Liverpool, UK)
The Sound of Silence: Canadian Consumer Responses to Redpath and Son’s Reliance on Slave-Produced Sugar, 1854-1876
Janis Thiessen (University of Winnipeg, Canada)
Business History, Oral History, and the History of Capitalism: A Canadian Perspective
Session G4, Room 5061: The evolution of private savings in Germany, 1960s-1980s
Chair: Laurence Mussio (McMaster University, Canada)
Jan-Otmar Hesse (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
Introduction: Patterns of savings behaviour, 1960-2008
Christopher Kopper (University of Bielefeld, Germany)
The internationalization of German banks and the evolution of private wealth management
Sebastian Knake (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
Saving behaviour according to plan? Market research, product innovation and marketing strategies of German Banks, 1960 to 1980
28 May 2016, 16:00 - 18:00
Session H1, Room 2249a: Business Failure in the ‘First Age of Globalization’
Chair: Hugo van Driel (Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, Netherlands)
Catia Antunes (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Cunertorf, Snel, Janssen & Co, 1570-1595: A Tale of Business Success and Failure in Long-Distance Exchanges
Edgar Pereira (Leiden University, Netherlands)
The Ordeals of Contracting: Repercussions and reactions to failed State-private ventures in 17th century Portugal and her empire
Elisabeth Heijmans (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Investing in French state-sponsored colonial enterprises, a bad deal?: the case of the East India and Guinea Company in 1685
Susana Münch Miranda (Leiden University, Netherlands), João Paulo Salvado (University of Évora, Portugal)
Business Failure in Colonial Trade: Felix von Oldenburg, Pombal and the Portuguese Company of East India (1753-1810s)
Session H2, Room 2070A: Entertainment and Creative Industries
Chair: Ben Wubs (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Peter Miskell (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK), Marina Nicoli (Bocconi University, Italy)
Connecting creative clusters: an analysis of European film co-productions in the 1960s
Ulf Sandqvist (Umeå University, Sweden)
The evolution of the game industry 1971-2015: innovations and economic cycle theory
Alexander Bud (Open University, UK)
Nollywood: the trajectory of a leading creative industry in Africa, 1970-2015
Session H3, Room 3059: Food and Global Value Chains
Chair: Laura Rischbieter (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Andrew Godley (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK)
The rise of Agribusiness in Europe. An innovative organisational response to the threat of price volatility in the Western European broiler chicken industry, 1945 to 1973
Peter Scott (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK), James Walker (Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK)
Economies of scale and scope in inter-war British retailing: the pharmacy sector
Francisco Javier Fernández-Roca (University Pablo de Olavide of Sevilla, Spain), Juan Baños (University Pablo de Olavide of Sevilla, Spain)
Born-Global-Enterprises: Inés Rosales SA in the traditional sector of pastry production
Shakila Yacob (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
Government, Business and Lobbyists: the Politics of Palm Oil in US-Malaysia Relations
Session H4, Room 2249a: Creativity in Industries
Chair: Andrew Popp (University of Liverpool Management School, UK)
David J. Smith (Nottingham Business School at Trent University, UK), Richard K. Blundel (Open University Business School, UK)
Disruptive Innovation in the Creative Industries
Catherine Harbor (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)
The Birth of the Music Business? Public commercial concerts in London 1660–1750
Joseph Lane (London School of Economics, UK)
Secrets for Sale? Evidence of innovation and the nature of knowledge in an early industrial district: The North Staffordshire Potteries, 1750-1851
28 May 2016, 19:00 - 00:00
Session DN: Conference Dinner @ Café Kofler im Zeughaus (Deutsches Historisches Museum)