EBHA 26th Annual Congress Oslo 2023
24.08.2023 - 26.08.2023
The 26th Annual Congress of the European Business History Association (EBHA) will be organised by BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway. The theme of the congress is “The Relevance of Business History”. We encourage papers, panels sessions and round table discussions dealing with the challenges facing the field of business history in terms of its academic, societal, and educational relevance. Papers with other foci will of course be considered as well. We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Oslo, Norway, at the EBHA 2023 Congress.

Please note: Before uploading any proposals, it is necessary submit your data first. You will receive a confirmation email. Once the email is received, you can upload your paper, session, or workshop proposal via the according button.

Also please note, that by submitting your data, you are not creating an account in the traditional sense of the word. Your data and proposals will be stored in the EBHA database, but there is no ID or password.

Finally, please note as well that it is necessary to submit your proposals as a whole. It is technically not possible to submit only parts of a proposal and to complete it later.